Leading Rider Training Into the 21st Century!

TEAM Arizona is excited to introduce its latest offering in the world of rider training.  We are leading the pack by offering the latest innovation:  Online Classroom for the Basic RiderCourse.

TEAM Arizona will be using the latest in technology to deliver a fun, engaging learning experience.  We will be using a mix of tools including live discussion, polls, videos, and digital handbooks to deliver a training experience that leads the rider training world into the 21st century.

Ron Arieli, TEAM Arizona owner, explains the benefits to providing such an innovative product:

We thought to ourselves that we could look upon these unusual times as a destructive hindrance or a gift wrapped in terrible wrapping paper.  We chose the latter.  We felt it was the perfect time to look at our training package to see how we could make adjustments to deliver a fun, safe learning experience all from the comfort of a person’s home.  After an intense three week period, we developed what we think is an outstanding first step and necessary evolution into the foray of online learning.

The online classroom was developed by Blackbird Marketing Solutions owner, Bill Seltzer, in conjunction with TEAM Arizona.  TEAM Arizona RiderCoach and RiderCoach Trainer, Andrea Webster Johnson, was instrumental in providing the on-screen talent for the videos used in the training program.  The presentation is powered by Citrix System’s Go To Training services.




Participants can enjoy the training session guided by a live Rider Coach in the comfort of their own home. We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all learning solution, which is why we’ve opted to create an additional option for web users.

Cut the travel time by staying home! According to information from a Brandon Hall report on e-learning, online learning requires up to 60 percent less time than in-person methods. For the individuals that want to learn but don’t have endless time to sacrifice, e-classrooms can be an excellent option.


Consideration for Your Safety

With social distancing the buzz word of the day, we are greatly increasing the opportunity for folks to stay home and stay healthy.

TEAM Arizona values the health and safety of both our staff and students, which is why we opted to offer an educational option that was an alternative to traditional, in-person classes. It’s our hope that having this flexibility allows existing and prospective students to continue working towards their goals in a way that’s comfortable for them.


Learning Comprehension

The advanced mix of polling, videos, live question/answer sessions, and handbook review provides for enhanced comprehension of the topics covered. Rather than being limited to the content delivered in a classroom, you’ll have a variety of learning mediums to maximize the information you cover and retain.

The Research Institute of America has found that online courses may boost information retention rates as much as 60 percent, which is a major benefit for anyone who focuses on long-term learning. Because this method puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to how fast you move through content – and which information you double back on – you have greater control over your learning. As a result, you have the advantage of an active role in your riding training.


Increased Accessibility

During our testing, we discovered several benefits for individuals who do not have English as their first language or are deaf. Throughout the design process, we made sure that accessibility was at the forefront of our efforts. We offer closed captions for our videos and also include Spanish captions. Beyond offering the Rider Handbook in English, we also offer the handbook in Spanish.


At first, we wondered if motorcycle training was a topic that could be effectively delivered via an online learning platform. After all, it’s not uncommon to hear questions such as, “Does online learning really work?” TEAM Arizona was determined to do the work to uncover whether or not distance learning was possible for our rider training. After extensive in-house testing, and review of academic studies, we’re happy to report online learning is a viable way to learn about the sport of motorcycling.

According to research conducted by the United States Department of Education, students learning in “online conditions” performed better than those in a traditional learning environment. When researchers took a closer look, it was clear that methods that combined both face-to-face and online elements offered students the biggest advantage. With our plans to blend the distance and in-person rider training, that data reaffirmed our plans.

When you enroll in TEAM Arizona’s online motorcycle rider training course, you can be confident that you’re investing your efforts in a program that was created with research-proven efficacy in mind.


Getting Starting with TEAM Arizona’s
Online Motorcycle Course in Arizona

Are you ready to dive into an online learning experience unlike any you’ve seen before? At TEAM Arizona, we’re proud to offer a training method that’s as convenient as it is effective – and best of all, it’s right in line with our mission to support fellow motorcycle enthusiasts in their learning journey.

For participants wanting to use the online training session, there is some basic equipment necessary for meeting training requirements. To help you get started with the online course, we’ve created a “Get Ready” video for registered participants to help them prepare for the session.

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