BLWCV: Christian Vera Tells Us What Gifts Are HOT for the Holidays

December 12, 2017

Holiday Gift ideas from moto babe Christian Vera

It’s the Holidays which means one thing, fellas (and ladies): you’re starting to panic about what gifts to give for the Holidays. You’re racking your mind, losing sleep at night, calling friends for clues, taking notes over everything she says to catch the hints she is not subtly making at you (hahaha ok…. maybe not that one, but perhaps you should-wink wink- that was a hint), but you are still drawing a blank. Well, don’t worry, homie, I got you!

I came up with a list, but I also reached out to some of my motorcycle boss ladies and asked about some of their favorite motorcycle lifestyle gifts. This is what I was able to find out (Hint: definitely take notes on these items. You’ll be scoring BIG with these):


Even if your lady has been riding for a while, it’s not a bad idea to gift her something that freshens up her skills or perhaps gives her some new knowledge.

TEAM Arizona Riding Course: This is as thoughtful as it gets and you know how we, ladies, feel about thoughtful gifts. You are gifting the gift of moto skillzzzzzzz! I always encourage anyone new to motos to a begginer’s Motorcycle Safety Course, but it’s just as important for anyone who has been riding for 20yrs to take any level of training to improve their riding skills.

Join AMAAMA Membership: Say what?! Let me explain… I was researching the benefits of an American Motorcycle Association membership and it turns out you have quite a few perks and the fee is only $49. Roadside assistance is perhaps the single most valuable one.


Riding during winter is basically a death wish for some of us ladies that usually run cold even on a warm summer night. I know you remember that warm 75’ summer night that somehow she still needed a comforter for to Netflix and Definitely Watch the Movie with you? Ha!!

Let’s start with heated glove liners. My fellow moto rider and photographer, Tina Stiff (@thedustycoyote on Insta) rides with heated glove liners that you can fit under your existing gloves. She feels that those make it easier to shift and break more easily. Some brands I find have good quality liners are: Venture Heat, Gerbing, First Gear, and Tour Master. They all have pros/cons so your choice will come down to the set up that best fits your ride. I happen to like the 90 degree connectors which make the liners harder to disconnect from the power source/wires while riding.



The basics never go out of style.  I went down on the moto a few weeks ago when a woman pulled out right in front of me while I was riding. I did sustain serious injuries, BUT because I was covered head to toe in gear I was able to avoid a few scrapes off my injury list.


Let’s start with the helmet… I was wearing the Shoei 1200 and when my head hit the ground it was noticeably soft. My gal pal Chelsea Middlebrook (@TokyoVenus on Insta) suggest Schuberth Helmets as a great option for you lady.

Looking for an entry level lid?  Check out the good stuff from Fulmer Powersports.


The XENA: If you follow me on social you will have noticed that lately I’ve been talking a lot about Helite’s XENA airbag jacket. It does a great job combining safety with style which I think makes it the best riding jacket out there for women now. It retails at $999.00, but I think it’s worth every penny. I tested the jacket on my (enter shameless plug here) national TV show RightThisMinute that airs Monday-Friday on ABC. You can see us deploy several of the jackets here: Helite on RTM

ATWYLD: The ATWYLD Alltime jacket is a favorite for Chelsea and it has some really great design details. My only concern is that it doesn’t already come with armor pockets, but you can layer it with an armored jacket under. I love that This one is going to run you $650.

BLACK ARROW: This Australian motorcycle brand is making some pretty cool ladies jackets. The Wild and Free moto jacket is all leather but has perforated panels which means the rider can extend its use from Spring to Fall. Plus that tan color is money and runs about $400.


Raceway GlovesABEL BROWN CO.: Another one of Chelsea’s favs. These are nicely designed and I especially like the Speed Merchant, X2, and Prism options because of the reinforced palms. Trust me… after suffering a broken wrist you’ll want to have this feature!

REV’IT: I must say REV’IT is bringing it with their latest glove options. Functional and good looking too. The Monster 2 Women’s bike is a winner, but they offer several other style options I’m sure you’ll love.


There are so many options, but having gone down on the moto thanks to motorists that aren’t looking out for us my choices are clear.

Ugly Bros USA: They are contenders in the moto jean department. I wear the AEGIS-K and think they’re a great choice. They come with excellent knee and hip armor. Trust me… you want to protect your hips!!!!


I have yet to find boots I like here in the US so let’s take a trip across the pond.

DASTRA: This brand is taking vintage dirt biking styles and updating them with new a new urban flare in their 5-Buckle Dastra boot. They are waterproof and have a very cool 5-buckle closure, but the best part is that they are custom made to your fit AAAAANNND you have a few options in color too. The quality and workmanship is superior and I love the reinforcements throughout providing you with protection including your shins. TWO thumbs up for that!

ROKKER: I spent a lot of time searching for cool street style moto boots for ladies earlier this year. Eventually I finally found the Rokker “Urban Racer” for ladies. These gorgeous boots provide exceptional protection, are waterproof, and even have cushioning around the ankles.



I like this part because it will not only help complete your lady’s riding kit but it will also help her enjoy her ride knowing she is fully prepared for anything that the road throws at her.

CUSTOM SEATS: Alo’s Cafe is an Italian brand that makes some very stylish and high quality items. From leather seats to tank straps to side covers to very cool leather saddle bags you wont go wrong with these Italian stallions of the custom moto scene. Nothing more romantic than the smell of a new leather seat by the fireplace next to the Christmas tree. Catch my drift? 😛

TOOL ROLL: Ashmore Ellis (@Ashmore on Insta), the co-founder of Babes Ride Out/Babes in the Dirt, made some excellent suggestions. She said, “Things I can’t live without are a tool roll, leatherman, fuel reserve, water proof compression sacks, warm socks that dry fast. Strap that secures my iPhone to my body, and clears.” Pack Animal out of Seattle, Wa makes some really cool ones, but you can find really cool tool rolls by using the hashtags #ToolRoll or #MotorcycleToolRoll on Instagram.  You can also try one my favs, Bad Guy Leather, for super cool and custom made tool rolls.

Tire Pressure Gauge TIRE PRESSURE GAUGE: My gal pal and Social Media Director at RightThisMinute, Heather Herr (@MsHerr on Insta) suggests, “A pocket friendly digital tire pressure gauge makes a great stocking stuffer. Slime is a great respected brand. This one has a lighted tip which could be handy on night rides. Something with a lighted display would also be good for night rides.”

Want something a little more professional?  Check out Motion Pro’s digital tire pressure gauge.  Hot stuff!

FLAT TIRE KIT: I came across the Aerostich CO2 Power Kit which provides inflation should your moto babe get a flat on the road. You still need a patch kit, but once patched up this promises to inflate the tire right up.

CAMPING MUST HAVES: If your lady loves camping as much as I do then definitely check out this Babes Ride Out blog which boils down the basics and has some inexpensive options as well. The only thing I would add to this list is a waterproof rain suit. I love the BMW ProRain one-piece suit. It really covers all your rainy bases!


There is always room for cool new custom parts for your lady. If she’s anything like and my fellow lady moto bosses she’s going to love getting moto parts! It sounds funny, but several of them mentioned parts from a variety of different vendors.


Now, if you’re straight up drawing a blank and can’t pick something from the list above. You’ll never go wrong with this:

Flowers! Always Flowers. You’re welcome. Also, a mani-pedi and massage or facial at her favorite salon. Because babes who ride don’t mind getting down and dirty, but we LOOOOVE to be pampered too.

I hope these helped guide you through the Christmas gift for your woman abyss. Good luck and Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Christian Vera

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Twitter: @ChristianVera

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