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The holiday season is fast approaching. Soon, hordes of shoppers will be going out, crowding the malls, trying to fulfill wish lists. Although the gifts may be appreciated, it’s no guarantee that they’ll last. Maybe this is the year that, instead of getting new things, we give our family and friends new skills and the opportunity for new adventures.

This year, why not give your loved ones the chance to learn how to ride a motorcycle?

A Motorcycle for the Holiday Season

For most places in Arizona, learning how to ride during the winter isn’t a bad time. The heat’s gone at last and people are going to be bundling up anyhow, and it might just be the perfect season for riding!

Even better, TEAM Arizona Motorcycle Training has locations across the state. While the Northern Arizona location might have to wait till spring for comparable conditions, motorcycle lessons in Phoenix are readily available.

Naturally, people don’t have to take the lessons during the holiday season as gift certificates can be redeemed at the recipient’s convenience, but it’s something to consider.

Start it Up

For people who’ve never touched a motorcycle before, or for those who’ve only touched but never ridden, motorcycle riding classes are easy. Since TEAM Arizona keeps motorcycles for training, you don’t have to worry about getting a bike there without a license.

The Basic RiderCourse is intended to get people prepared for the Motor Vehicle Division’s motorcycle test, more through actual riding than just time in the classroom.

And those who feel particularly bold after completing the Basic course, or who feel that they need more in the way of a refresher, the Confident RiderCourse will take care of that, as well as serving as a means to waive the skills test for a motorcycle license.


Ride Hard

The course selections don’t just cover topics for the new and the slightly rusty. TEAM Arizona also offers courses for the experienced rider who wants to improve their skills further, though it’s assumed that participants have their own bike by this point.

The Advanced Course covers tips and tricks for riders to get the most out of their bikes. Meanwhile, the Total Control Clinics go even deeper, going into highly advanced riding techniques and getting riders prepared for the rigors of the track. If there’s a rider in the family who’s always wanted to take a turn on the oval, this would be the perfect gift for them.

For all the possible choices for a gift this holiday season, make it a gift that nobody will ever forget, and one that keeps on giving with every mile down the road. Give a gift certificate for an exciting course at TEAM Arizona Motorcycle Training!

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