Elliot Mogerman: Rider of the Month June 2017

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Elliot Mogerman Rider of the Month


In the summer of 2006 (yes, you read that right SUMMER), Elliot Mogerman took the Basic RiderCourse with TEAM Arizona.  It was a birthday gift from a friend.  Elliot’s friend wanted his wife to take the course, but didn’t want her to be alone in the class.  Two days later, after providing positive support for his friend’s wife, they both finished top of their class.  Elliot could not have known then that his birthday gift would lead him down a path that would see him circumnavigate the globe on two wheels.  We applaud Elliot’s wanderlust and invite you to read about our Rider of the Month for June 2017.


Double Rainbow for Elliot Mogerman
Double Rainbow! What does it all mean?

It is not unusual for folks to come to TEAM Arizona because they’re looking for a new direction; something to spice up their existence.  For Elliot, his choice to hit the road didn’t arrive until a few years after his course.  It took a little extra time to develop, but when it did, he knew he was bitten by the two-wheel bug.

Some forty-two (42) countries later and a miles worth of blogging (click here for his blog), Elliot is now poised to write a book that he thinks will be due out in 2018.  He also has plans to follow up the book with a 12 month journey on his trusty BMW Adventure motorcycle; a route revisited to thank the people who helped him along the way.  We’re always fascinated by the decision to travel around the world, so we clobbered him with questions and soaked up his responses:

What is your favorite thing about riding?

Being in the middle of it all.  The environmental changes, the weather, the wind, the scenery.  Compared to a car, it is like going from a 12″ black and white screen to watching 3D IMAX.

What challenges you most about motorcycling?

Being able to conquer fear of the unknown.  All the best artists (writers, painters, etc.) had to suffer to become the best possible artist.  To ride well one has to eliminate the distractions of stress and life and conquer their negative thoughts.  Every ride is a chance to grow and an opportunity for an epic adventure.

What did you learn while circumnavigating the globe?

How to ask for help and allowing people to help you.  Placing your trust in people requires letting go.  When you do, the world is an amazing place.

Those are some truly valuable life lessons learned along the way.  While Elliot wishes he had a bit more off-road experience, he’s more than ready for the next adventure.  Ready to learn and grow some more.  That’s the thing about motorcycling.  When we swing a leg over a bike we’re never quite sure what the road ahead holds for us.  One thing for sure is we’ll never be quite the same once we slip that bike into first gear and ease that clutch into the friction zone.

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