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The first step towards fully enjoying your new bike on the open road is getting the right training. We offer motorcycle classes at RoadRunner Harley Davidson in Goodyear, AZ, to get you started on your journey as smoothly and safely as possible. With close proximity to a training area and some of the smoothest, most impressive bikes around, we can teach you the basics you need to stay safe on your bike and have fun doing it.

Our Motorcycle Classes

Right at the dealership, we offer a course for you to learn how to ride and get your motorcycle license (endorsement). The great part? We provide you with a training motorcycle, helmet, and gloves for the class. In the Basic RiderCourse, we provide both the written and riding exams required by the State of Arizona. Therefore, once you successfully complete the course, you won’t have to do any further testing at the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department (MVD). The great part? It is all done at the dealership as a one-stop-shop!

The Basic RiderCourse really is a fun, convenient way to earn your license and build valuable skills you will need on the roadway like:

  • Slow Speed Maneuvering
  • Braking to Avoid Hazards
  • Cornering
  • Obstacle Avoidance through Swerving
  • And MUCH, MUCH more.

Our training location is equipped to teach riders everything from gearing and mounting up to executing the perfect fast-speed turn. The Basic RiderCourse contains a huge amount of information that will benefit any rider. So whether you’re a newcomer to the world of motorcycles entirely or you’re just looking to polish up your skills for a better, safer experience on the road, this course may work well for you.

Motorcycle Courses We Offer

UPDATED Basic Rider CourseMORE INFO | SCHEDULE | Watch Our Video

Do you want to fulfill your dream of riding a motorcycle? Want your motorcycle license (endorsement)? Reduced insurance rates? This course is a FUN, proven way for anyone with little or no experience to learn how to ride.

Why Take Motorcycle Safety Courses?

Learning to ride a bike or scooter properly is much more than just hopping on and heading out on the open road to try your luck around other vehicles. Friends and family may be well-meaning, but learning from them means receiving less than a complete experience. This course will give you the experience and know-how necessary to face common challenges you’ll encounter on the road safely via trained, knowledgeable professionals. Even more importantly, these lessons are taught on a safe, enclosed course, which means you’re free to focus on learning your new skills without the interference of other vehicles.

Learn More

If you’re interested in taking our expertly-instructed course, want to learn more about the motorcycle lessons in Goodyear, or even simply need directions, contact us. We offer learning opportunities for everyone in safe, convenient environments in order to make you a more confident rider and a vastly more fun experience for everyone on the road.

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