Introducing Ramon Vasquez

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Hi, my name is Ramon Vasquez, I own an Allstate Insurance Agency here in Tucson, Arizona.

Today, I’m taking the beginner Basic RiderCourse here at TEAM Arizona.  I’m really hoping to get the fundamentals to be really safe out there on the road.

Personally, I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before.  Our instructor did a great job in the class teaching us the basic controls and operations of a motorcycle.  How to do some basic maneuvers and so I feel like I’m ready to jump on the bike and give it a go.

Day on my favorite thing to do was becoming familiar with the particular motorcycle that I was gonna be riding.  Day one really, really prepared me and gave me a solid foundation for day two.  I would absolutely recommend the course.  From start to finish it was very well put together.  The coaches here at TEAM Arizona, the instructors, they did a great job in making sure that we were ready to take the test.  They went over the information, they answered all of our questions, and I really think they did a great job just making sure that we were ready for the test when it was presented.

My name is Ramon Vasquez, I’m an Allstate agent, and I fully support rider training.

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