Introduction to Motorcycling Holiday Special

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$49 Introduction to Motorcycling Special

From now until December 24, 2019, TEAM Arizona is offering our Introduction to Motorcycling course for just $49!

Simply visit our Intro page, find a course date that works for you (even if it is in 2020!), and register using the promo code below!

NOTE:  This is not the course to get your motorcycle endorsement.  This is a great course to see if you are interested in motorcycling and are ready to take the next step (Basic RiderCourse to get your endorsement).



  1. Ronald Yager 6 months Reply

    During your introduction to Motorcycle Riding Course what machines will you have available?
    1. Can Am RT Limited
    2. A second option with a traditional 3 wheeler
    3. Or is it going to be Ryker Only Vehicles.
    *** Foot Note You have a good organization
    *** With one major flaw that you created.
    Being that I first tried to get my 3 wheeler endorsement back in September. You had a number of different bikes to choose from I chose the Ryker but even the rider coach after observing me for a while told me I should be on a Can Am RT Limited. Why because in a very short time I was showing signs of fatuige.” He said that the RT had power steering and was a lot more comfortable to ride.”(Less Fatuige)” so when I contacted your company in the last week or so. I received a resounding NO! We only have Rykers for getting 3 wheel. Endorsements.
    Why in Gods name would I want to get my endorsement using a Ryker when by your own team members admission, I belonged on a different Motorcycle. So when I call and find out that there has been a big (Change Up) And you take All other options off the table….for a man with a disability THAT IS INSANITY! Because insanity is….Trying the same thing over expecting different results. I am not the type of person to sue….But! I know for a fact! If I did… I would win! I had a massively head injured brother that was Run over by a Seattle Metro Bus! We were forced to sue because of medical expenses. And learning about the Judges reasoning behind the case. And, even if I would sign a waiver before…You have already set yourself up for a suit. Why? Two Words that you once had but selfishly and irresponsibly took away…..
    The Term Reasonable Accomidations mean

    • Bill Seltzer 6 months Reply


      Thank you for your comment. We’ll try to provide the best information possible.

      The Introduction to Motorcycling Course is a two wheeled course only. There are no three wheel vehicles available for the Introduction Course; the course for 3 Wheel training is the 3 Wheel Basic RiderCourse.

      The vehicles provided by Can Am for the three wheel course are currently Rykers. While in the past they provided Spyders, that is no longer the case. Their vehicle allotment for our training services is at THEIR discretion; we have no control over which vehicles are provided by Can Am.

      If you have further concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly: