Motorcycle Insurance For Your Accessory Upgrades

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Insurance for Motorcycle Upgrades


You went and did it.  You found the motorcycle of your dreams and you made it your personal quest to add all the cool farkles and upgrades possible.  Go hog wild and your upgrades can total more than your motorcycle.  Does your motorcycle insurance cover the upgrades and accessories?


Rusty Creed Insurance, an Allstate agent and TEAM Arizona’s insurance partner, is well versed in providing motorcyclists with the correct insurance for their motorcycle.  Rusty says, “A major issue that tends to pop up when motorcycle riders file for a claim is that their coverage is insufficient for the upgrade and added accessories they’ve placed on their motorcycle.  Most primary insurance providers will typically only pay for the bike in stock form as it was delivered by the manufacturer.”

We asked Rusty what we can do to protect ourselves and ensure our aftermarket parts and accessories are covered by insurance providers.  His response was direct and to the point:

“First, make sure your insurance agent understands what motorcyclists need.  If they can’t tell an Akropovic from a Screamin’ Eagle, then they’re probably not the right insurer for you.  Since I’m a rider, and everyone I hire rides or is connected to motorcycling, we understand what coverage needs to be part of the policy.”

That makes a ton of sense to us.  What else Rusty?

Rusty Creed Motorcycle Insurance“Second, if a rider does add aftermarket parts, they’ll need what’s called ‘Optional Equipment / Accessory Coverage’.  With Allstate, your policy automatically comes with $1,000 worth of coverage on after-market upgrades. You can buy extra coverage up to $30,000.  This addition will also cover riding gear (except for the helmet which is covered under Collision).”

That makes a tremendous amount of sense and is why TEAM Arizona chooses to partner with Rusty Creed.  If you haven’t had your policy reviewed recently, we recommend having Rusty see if you have the proper coverage.  If you’d like to get a quote from Rusty or enter in his Helmet Prize Drawing, visit

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