Tucson Motorcycle Rider Training Headquarters

Our state of the art Tucson headquarters offers the ONLY private, purpose built, three-acre facility solely dedicated to rider training in Southern Arizona. We have the ability to run midweek and weekend courses, and can also provide private course. From learn-to-ride courses to advanced rider clinics designed to improve skill, we do it all at this location!

 Motorcycle Courses We Offer

Introduction Course – MORE INFO | SCHEDULE | Watch Our Video

Are you unsure if riding a scooter or motorcycle is for you?  Find out in just four short hours in a safe, relaxed environment.

UPDATED Basic Rider Course UpdatedMORE INFO | SCHEDULE | Watch Our Video

Do you want to fulfill your dream of riding a motorcycle?  Want your motorcycle license (endorsement)?  Reduced insurance rates?  This updated course is a FUN, proven way for anyone with little or no experience to learn how to ride.

3-Wheel Basic Rider CourseMORE INFO | SCHEDULE

Learn to ride a 3-Wheel vehicle (ex. Spyder, Ryker, or Trike) in just two short days. Earn your 3 Wheel endorsement to ride legally on the roadway.

Confident Rider CourseMORE INFO | SCHEDULE

Do you want to become a more proficient rider? Do you want to master low speed u-turns, cornering, braking, and hazard avoidance techniques? In less than a day (5 hours) you will be a more confident motorcyclist!

Advanced Riding TechniquesMORE INFO | SCHEDULE

Are you ready to expand your street riding strategies, enhance general motorcycling knowledge, and take your motorcycle handling skills to the next level?  Ride away with advanced braking techniques for stopping quickly, trail braking techniques in corners, delayed apex cornering, hazard avoidance skills, and more.

The Skills Practice Series – MORE INFO | SCHEDULE

Do you want to improve your grasp of the four pillars to motorcycling (braking, cornering, swerving, and low speed maneuvering)?  These low cost, three hour courses are an affordable, FUN way to enrich your motorcycling experience!

Total Control Advanced Rider Clinic: Level 1 – MORE INFO | SCHEDULE | Watch Our Video

Do you want to possess TOTAL CONTROL of your motorcycle?  If you’re ready to learn WORLD CLASS techniques the safest, fastest riders in the world employ, then sign up today!

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Address: 1134 South Farmington Road, Tucson, AZ 85713

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