Cindi Scanlon and Nathan Aughe: Riders of the Month March 2017

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Cindi Scanlon and Nathan Aughe
We’ve all heard about the bucket list.  You know, things to do before we kick the bucket.  It can mean we’re experience life to the fullest.  For Cindi and Nathan, their bucket list included motorcycling but not before going underwater.  Yes, we said underwater.  Read on to find out more about our intrepid Riders of the Month, Cindi Scanlon and Nathan Aughe.

Before Biking Comes Scuba Diving

Nathan Aughe First Bike Honda RebelThroughout the years we are amazed at the ways in which people find themselves taking advantage of our services.  Cindi and Nathan had to check a few things off the bucket list before coming to TEAM Arizona.  From Nathan’s perspective:

Five years ago Cindi wanted to learn to scuba dive. She of course wanted me to learn too. I was reluctant as I’m not much for going in the water, but I went ahead and learned. We both eventually became certified Rescue Divers and finally Master Divers. Now that we have that experience under our belts, I told her mid last year (2016) that I really wanted to learn to ride motorcycles. My thought was this:  we love to do cruises to various islands, so wouldn’t it be fun to ride motorcycles around the islands? She jumped at the chance to learn to ride. We signed up for the course together and the next adventure started!

Quite the pair of thrill seekers!  Neither of them possessed any motorcycling background, so they were learning from the ground up.  They both started with the Basic RiderCourse we perform at Buddy Stubbs HD.  The class was a hit with both of them and they quickly rounded up desired rides.

From Cindi:

Nathan, and I bought a 2014 Honda Rebel 250 a month after class. We felt we needed something familiar to begin riding with. We have since upgraded him to a Harley XL883L Sportster so right now I ride the Honda. A Harley is next on my list.

From Nathan:

Our next cruise is this April and we are already signed up to ride Harleys on an island guided tour. We now plan to continue experiencing AZ on our bikes and enjoying that feeling of being on the open road.

We love to see folks jump feet first into the deep end!  What do they think about their riding experience so far?

Life on Two Wheels

So what is it like being on two wheels?  How much riding are you doing and what is working best for you?

Cindi Scanlon Harley Davidson SportsterCindi tells us of their day out:

Sunday mornings I usually have time to ride so my husband and I go for a ride together. Of course, his Harley really wants to go but he stays with me. We just recently rode up to Cave Creek for brunch, that was a great time. I am looking forward to expanding that trip now.

Nathan said the fun started for him at the class and continues to his time on the road:

I went into the class with a very open mind and I wanted to just absorb all I could from the instructors. Honestly, I don’t think I knew enough about riding to have any preconceived ideas. I was so excited to learn I had a great time during the class.  Pay attention to all the instructors say. There are little things they say even at candid moments while relaxing on the course or classroom that you recall later when you are riding that give you that ‘Oh yeah’ moment when you recall it.

That is some great insight, Nathan.  We are truly excited for this couple.  They are planning trips to Payson, the Grand Canyon, and tropical island rides.  Cindi and Nathan are checking one bucket list item off after another.  And isn’t that the way life should be lived?

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Let’s have some serious FUN with this gang!  There are some great stories out there and we don’t want to miss them, so tell us about yourselves!

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