CONGRATULATIONS! Mary Zaleski Earns MSF RiderCoach Trainer Certification

June 6, 2012 Tags: ,

HUGE congratulation goes out to Mary Zaleski, TEAM Arizona RiderCoach, for successfully completing her RiderCoach Trainer Certification through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation this weekend.

Earning the designation of RiderCoach Trainer is extremely difficult.  In addition to the two decades she’s served as a RiderCoach and the five years she waited for an invitation to attend the RiderCoach Trainer Certification Course, Mary spent several hundred hours of studying and training specifically to accomplish this goal.

For those unfamiliar, this gives Mary the ability to train and certify prospective RiderCoaches and provide policy updates for existing RiderCoaches.

We are truly excited for Mary.  We knew, given the opportunity, she would make the most of it.  TEAM Arizona is extremely proud to have her as part of our organization.  One more reason TEAM Arizona is the premier rider training organization in Arizona!

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