Mary Zaleski Retires from TEAM Arizona and RiderCoaching

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If you were a participant at TEAM Arizona in the last decade, it is likely Mary Zaleski had an impact upon your training whether you had her as a coach or not.  As a RiderCoach trainer at TEAM Arizona, and a Training and Update Facilitator, she implemented a multitude of policies and actions which probably positively affected your training experience.

Her impact cannot be overstated.  The Arizona motorcycling community will be forever indebted to Mary because her insights and development of our RiderCoach mentoring process means that more than 100 RiderCoaches were affected by her teachings.

Mary was a coach for more than two decades.  She contributed to our RiderCoach blog with a segment called, “Mary Tawks”.  And believe us, when Mary tawked, we listened!  We will absolutely miss her clarity of thought, her unwavering commitment to the success of everyone involved at TEAM Arizona, and most importantly, we will miss her awesome hugs and razor blade sharp sense of humor.

It was no doubt a bittersweet moment for us at TEAM Arizona to throw her a going away party.  We just hope that should a Hall of Fame ever gets built for RiderCoaches, that she gets the top slot.



  1. Morgan S. 3 months Reply

    I think you meant her impact cannot be “overstated,” but I get the point. Good luck to Mary!

    • Bill Seltzer 3 months Reply

      Thank you for the eagle eyes! We’ve updated the text. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. Alva Valencia 3 months Reply

    I recently finished a course where I had the pleasure of learning so many essential skills for riding from Mary. It’s is because of that fact that, I am leaps and bounds more confident as a rider thanks to Mary. Thank you so much for being such a positive and impactful mark in my riding journey.

    – Alva Valencia, Team “No Drama” Class 20′

    • Bill Seltzer 2 months Reply

      Thank you so much for sharing your feedback. We will make sure she sees this!

  3. mark thiel 2 months Reply

    Enjoy your new home and retirement mary. I had so much fun learning and joking with you. Hope to see you down the road. Lets ride.

  4. Joe - Tucson 1 month Reply

    Mary, I never met you but I wish you the best in your future ventures.