Ms. Herr On Two Wheels: Heather Gets Inked

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Ms. Herr On Two Wheels: Heather Gets Inked, Ep. 1

In this very first episode of Ms. Herr on Two Wheels, Heather takes us along with her as she steps into Lady Luck Tattoo for her annual ink. It is an intimate look into why she gets her motorcycle related tattoo.

Ms. Herr On Two Wheels is a series about Heather Lynne Herr and her journey on two wheels. These episodes will explore life on two wheels as Heather rides around Arizona and the United States. As she likes to say, “So whether you’ve been riding for years, soaking up all moto things all the time, or you’re just beginning to write a new chapter in your own story, I invite you to come with me as I continue my journey on two wheels.”
Getting new ink! Its time to get my motorcycle tattoo updated.

(Ms. Herr) Hey!
(Heather) How are you doing?
(Ms. Herr) Good. This is Heather, another Heather. She does my ink for me.

Okay, so, uh, I need four segments this year.

(Heather) Excellent.
(Ms. Herr) Yeah.
(Heather) Well, I’m going to go draw that up.
(Ms. Herr) Okay, we’ll see you in a bit. Yeah.

This, right here, every once in awhile I’ll actually, particularly, in the last few years I’ve gotten the question what is that about, and it is a record of my riding.

About four years ago I actually, because I’ve been riding four years now, I was craving some new ink and I’d been riding for about a year, and I wanted something to kind of document my riding and so I decided on a motorcycle tattoo. I had all kinds of ideas but I came into Heather for a consultation and what we ended up deciding on every year I get a new vertical line up my arm and the number of segments in that line is the number of thousands of miles that I rode on my motorcycle that year.

I wanted something clean, something simple, something elegant, and something repeatable.

Oh, I love it, I mean, I get excited and every year as I get closer and closer to my appointment, I start like thinking about how many miles and how many segments I’m going to have on there and if it is lower than what I would want, I’m like, I gotta start riding a lot more so I can have more segments on my arm!

It is kinda funny.

This is the fill. Yeah.

That, I have no idea yet. Um, and this is the beauty of a tattoo right? A little bit of I get to make it up as I go and maybe I do one super thick solid line, um, and or maybe there’s a number in that line to represent miles. I don’t know, we’ll figure it out when I hit that point.

Then I have more canvas! As you can see, there’s not a lot of ink on my arm, so I just start a new band. Its easy. My guess is I can get between 20 and maybe 30 years on my arm. So let’s hope I fill up the band. That would be rad.

I always forget to explain and I get called on it when people ask me, “Whats the red spot for?”

In my third year, I did my first one thousand plus mile moto trip. So I decided to signify, since every segment is a thousand miles, and I had a trip that was over a thousand, and it was just barely over a thousand, um, I made it red.

(Heather) Allright. There we are.
(Ms. Herr) Thank you.

I love it. I’m so excited. I wait for this appointment every year.

Thank you for following along on this journey. I’m curious; do you document any of your riding milestones? If so, let us know in the comments.

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  1. Lisa Wheeler 5 months Reply

    Love this!! I just got a motorcycle tattoo last weekend when I was in San Diego. It represents my mom and grandmother watching over me when I ride. Love it!! It’s the front half of a motorcycle with large single wing for the rest of the bike.