Riding Tip: Safety Isn’t Sexy…or is it?

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We bump up against this all the time at events and in various courses.  People will readily admit that they prefer going without riding gear because it will “ruin” their good looks.  Better yet, we’ll have people tell us they don’t have money for training because they need the money to buy a cosmetic piece for their motorcycle.  Yep, that killer exhaust pipe will do just the trick when it comes time to swerve and the skill isn’t there.

We think those people are missing the mark; here’s how.


You know what riders are the hottest to us?  The riders who exhibit the most confidence on two wheels.  The riders who possess the ability to place their motorcycle where they want it, when they want it.

You know who else gets our attention and have the greatest amount of appeal?  The folks who gear up and take pride in ATGATT; All The Gear All The Time.

Guess what, science reports agree with us.  We are naturally attracted to people who are confident in their actions.  We also prefer people who are confident about their physical attractiveness.  We argue that if a person wants to maintain their physical attractiveness, they’ll invest in quality protective gear and wear it.



confidence competence loop
How do we become more confident on two wheels?  We find the solution in the confidence/competence loop.  To gain confidence, we must first overcome challenges and demonstrate competence.  Where’s the best place to overcome challenges?  That’s right…in rider training where you can advance your skills in a high challenge/low threat environment.

Yeah, you may have taken the Basic RiderCourse.  We’re sure it felt great to pass it and get your motorcycle endorsement.  We hope, for your sake, the learning doesn’t stop there.  Consider taking one of our Skill Improvement Courses before the year ends.  You’ll leave the course a safer, more competent rider.  Who knows, you may discover like us, that safety IS sexy.

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Bill Seltzer Yamaha FJ-09Bill Seltzer has been a Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCoach since 2003 and a Total Control Advanced Riding Instructor since 2011.  He currently serves as the Marketing Director for TEAM Arizona and is a member of the Arizona Strategic Highway Safety Planning committee.  Have questions or comments about the article?  Email him: Bill@MotorcycleTraining.com


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