TINA STIFF: Rider of the Month February 2017

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Tina Stiff Rider of the Month


Tina Stiff Moto Guzzi Headlight LoveDon’t be intimated by the excessive amount of cool exuded by Tina.  She can’t help it; cool just comes naturally.  If you do overcome your timidity, you’ll be greeted with a smile that lights up a room and a warmth that will make you want to exclaim, “I’ll have what she’s having!”  For her friendliness, panache, and willingness to flaunt her Moto Guzzi love, we couldn’t resist having Tina as our TEAM Arizona Rider of the Month for February 2017.


We don’t often hear about an American rider’s story starting in Japan in the 1990’s.  That’s exactly where Tina cut her teeth on two wheels.  It was a scooter initially, but she wanted more from the two wheel experience.  What’s her advice for maximizing the two wheel experience?

Go Places! Although traveling on a motorcycle is a solitary thing, it certainly is never-antisocial. Nothing sparks more conversations with strangers than a motorcycle with a bag strapped to the back.

Where does Tina like to ride in Arizona?

Oh, that’s EASY!  I would start with breakfast in Wickenburg, make my way to Prescott, and zoom into Jerome for some lunch.  I’d make it to Sedona in time for a great dinner and brilliant night ride back to the valley.

What will her next motorcycle riding adventure entail?

I’m riding with a few of my motorcycle friends out to Venice beach in February, but the more adventurous trip I’m planning is to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico sometime this spring/summer.

Tina Stiff Moto Guzzi Ocean


Tina recently participated in TEAM Arizona’s Advanced Riding Techniques course to improve and advance her skills.  She recounted for us her early days of riding:

There’s a lot of talk and warnings out there about the dangers of riding a motorcycle. When I first started riding, all that talk was constantly playing on repeat in my head and it made me a tense rider and there is nothing good about being tense on a bike.

Riding in a group adds another dimension.  I’d tell new riders to always ride within the boundaries of your comfort and experience level especially when riding in a group. Peer pressure and a certain amount of showing off almost always happens when riding in a group. Stay true to yourself and your motorcycle.

We couldn’t agree more with that kind of advice.  When it comes to group riding, she knows a thing or three.

Tina is a member of a group called Blacklist Moto.  When she’s not bombing around Arizona on group rides, you’ll often find her behind the lens taking pictures at various Blacklist Moto events.  You’ll even find her wrenching on a cool project as part of Bogi’s Garage.  She is helping an all-female cast transform a 1957 Chevy pickup truck into a hot rod for SEMA 2017.  To say her interests are varied would be an understatement!

We are super excited to have Tina as part of the TEAM Arizona Family.  It is riders like Tina that make Arizona an AWESOME place to be a motorcyclist!

Rider of the Month BannerRiders, we want to honor YOU!  Do you know someone who should be TEAM Arizona’s Rider of the Month?  Entering their name is SIMPLE.

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  • In one paragraph, tell us why this rider deserves the title TEAM Arizona Rider of the Month!

Let’s have some serious FUN with this gang!  There are some great stories out there and we don’t want to miss them, so tell us about yourselves!

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  1. wfopete 8 months Reply

    Where did she get those boots!?

    • Bill Seltzer 8 months Reply

      We’ll ask her. They do look great don’t they?!

      • Bill Seltzer 8 months Reply

        Okay, we have Tina’s response about the boots.
        “The boots in the top photo are Dr. Martens Triumph 1914. The ones in the palm tree pic are Dr. Martens 8761 “