BLWCV: Five (5) Motorcycle Related Things Christian Vera is Grateful For

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Hey what’s up guys, I’m Christian Vera, TV host, writer, and producer. You can currently see me on the national viral video show Right This Minute. And these are the five things I’m grateful for this year.

Number 1: I’m grateful for motorcycles. I know it is kinda obvious but its been such a wonderful journey. One, learning with TEAM Arizona how to ride a frickin’ motorcycle to begin with, but also all the amazing journeys that you get to have on a motorcycle. The long weekend camping trips, the visiting of different cities, quite frankly experiencing any place on a motorcycle is completely different and its an experience unlike any other and I couldn’t be any more grateful that I discovered this amazing world of motorcycle riding.

Number 2: I’m grateful for people that share the road with motorcyclists. There are motorists that look in their mirrors, they look over shoulders to make sure there are no motorcycle riders, because you know what, when you do that it takes a second and it saves lives. It saved mine at least one time.

Number 3: I’m grateful, so thankful for people that even though they don’t ride, still support your efforts and your passion for riding motorcycles and don’t tell you all the things you shouldn’t do but tell you: Hey, have fun and they put that positive energy out there in the universe. I think it is amazing when your friends and family, regardless of their opinion on motorcycles, still have the ability to tell you, “Have a great time, enjoy yourselves, and we’ll see you tonight for dinner.”

Number 4: I am so thankful that there is safe riding gear out there, head to toe: Helmets, Jackets, Pants, Shoes, Gloves. Don’t go on rides without them, but I’ve always had a pet peeve since I started riding motorcycles, because there’s very limited, cute and yet very functional and safe riding gear for women, but I found two that I really, really like. For example, these Dastra boots. Its an Italian company that is making these. I’ve had a chance to check them out and they protect your shins, they’re waterproof, they’re fully leather, they’re non-slip, they have heel reinforcement, and those are the things that you look for in a motorcycle riding pair of boots, and not only that, they look stinkin’ cute too. Check these out!

The company Helite is making some really cool airbag technology gear. This happens to be the women’s leather jacket, it is called the Zena, and I can’t encourage you guys enough to wear all of your gear, all of the time. It is one of the lessons that you get the very first day you take a class with a school like TEAM Arizona. If there is one takeaway, it is ride safe, wear all your gear, all the time.

And Numero Cinco.
Number 5: The network of amazing motorcycle riders that I get to ride with and that I’ve met along the way. It is exciting, its empowering, and you know what, its HOT too!

I hope you guys enjoyed this, the very first VLOG from TEAM Arizona. I, it turns out, will be back next month with some gift ideas for you guys, so stay tuned. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and comment what you are grateful for this Thanksgiving.

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