MARYLOU ROGERS: Rider of the Month September 2017

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TEAM Arizona has seen a spike in three wheel training the last few years.  We understand not everyone feels comfortable on two wheels, yet they want to have that feeling of freedom with the wind in their face.  They want to be a part of the motorcycling community without the additional challenge of balancing a motorcycle or scooter.  We like to say…FUN with a little less risk.

MaryLou represents a growing number of riders who are finding their sweet spot on THREE wheels.  She was able to take advantage of the Can Am Spyder promotion to learn how to ride a three wheeler and earn her 3-Wheel license.  We’re excited to relay her story!


MaryLou with SpyderSome of you may relate; MaryLou purchased a motorcycle and discovered it wasn’t for her.

I’ve always enjoyed riding as a passenger and earlier this year (2017) my husband and I purchased a Rebel for me to learn to ride.  I did well, but never really got excited about it.  My husband had an experience on a Can Am Spyder and was so excited I immediately went to a dealer to see what all the fuss was about.

It is just one of those things…when you know, you know.  For MaryLou, she knew she just had to try to ride one of those Can Am Spyders.

I signed up for the class, completed it, got the endorsement, and we actually purchased a Spyder for me.

Like we said, when you know, YOU KNOW!  The cool thing about motorcycling, whether it is on two or three wheels, is that everyone can find something that floats their boat.  We truly are living in the golden age of motorcycling.  Manufacturers are producing a massive depth and breadth of offerings; there really is something for everyone.


It is hard to overstate what motorcycling means to people.  While it may mean different things to different people (family, community, freedom, fun, etc), for sure it is chalk full of meaning.  MaryLou is seeing the world in a whole new light:

This has opened up a brand new world of adventure for me and really helped to strike a new balance of work and play in my life.  I have done several rides that were in excess of 100 miles and I am excited to start planning my first cross country road trip back to Chicago in the spring of next year.

Looking back at her start in motorcycling, she’s glad she didn’t stop being curious.  She’s happy she didn’t give up and stop searching for a vehicle that is just the right fit.

The training was important for self-discovery; take a good training class and then have a good, patient mentor.  Now that I have completed the training, nothing seems like an insurmountable challenge.  While I wish I would have known sooner that 3 wheels would be much more comfortable for me than two, I’m glad I took that journey.

We see it all the time.  Folks attend a course full of expectations and a vision for how their riding career “SHOULD” unfold.  When we try to force our reality to match our aspirations, and it doesn’t unfold as we hoped, a deflated feeling can set in.  Happily, MaryLou chose a much wiser path that included letting the adventure come to her in her own way.    Letting the journey unfold organically led her to a meaningful relationship on three wheels.  And isn’t deeper meaning what makes life grand?

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Let’s have some serious FUN with this gang!  There are some great stories out there and we don’t want to miss them, so tell us about yourselves!

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