Ms. Herr On Two Wheels: Heather Gains Confidence | Episode 3

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Ms. Herr On Two Wheels: Heather Gains Confidence | Episode 3

In this episode, Heather takes the TEAM Arizona Confident RiderCourse. Weather presents a challenge, but Heather fights through to make some massive improvements. She even bests a prior nemesis!



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Just like when I took the BasicRider Course five years ago, my ConfidentRider Course started in the rain on wet tarmac.

I had some challenges. I had some success and I conquered an exercise that had been my nemesis.

Before we dive in, I do have a special offer up for grabs. I’ll share more about that at end of this video.

My first challenge came during quick stops.
I must have fishtailed a half a dozen times early in the exercise. Wet pavement means less available traction and I need less rear brake pressure.

I got down on myself every time I fishtailed. In my brain, skidding the rear tire when braking = bad.
On a motorcycle, bad can quickly escalate into catastrophic.

I know I rely to heavily on the rear brake. But now, I also know I can ride out of a fishtail. Because I did it, multiple times in class. It’s still scary, but knowing what I’m capable of on a bike helps mitigate the fear of oh sh*t scenarios.

I’m a perfectionist. I struggle with having my weak points exposed, and class absolutely exposes them.
I kept telling myself, “Let go of being perfect.”
“If you’re going to make mistakes, this is the place to do it.”

I took this class with my friend, Matt, but most people didn’t know anyone else there. It’s weird sometimes, being thrown into an environment with a bunch of strangers, but you have two things in common with everyone you’re taking class with. You ride a motorcycle, and you want to be a better rider.

In the breaks between exercises, people naturally mixed and mingled, talking about their riding experiences.
We’re quick to believe and build camaraderie around the joys of riding, but tend to be more private when we’re struggling with something.

Sharing stories is powerful because you learn you’re not alone in your challenges.

About three-quarters of the way through class, I was mentally and emotionally spent. I was so ready to be done!

I can only take in so much new information at a time, and being so concerned with performing well — it’s draining!

I fought through, taking a moment before each of the remaining exercises, which were largely about cornering, to refocus my energy.
I have good days and bad days with cornering. Today was a good day…

I had that feeling of being so connected to the bike, we move together as one.
In my mind, I’m always leaning into the curve way more than I am in real life.

The best part of the day was conquering the double u-turn box! In the BasicRider course, I never quite got the figure 8 they wanted us to do. In the ConfidentRider Course, I not only nailed those double u-turns in the larger box, I was so comfortable I intuitively started doing tighter turns in the small box before being instructed to by the rider coaches.

That was the best feeling!

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