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Round 2!

For your chance to win a $100 gift card to a sponsoring industry member, perform the following two actions before 11:59pm on Friday, August 28, 2020:

  1. Send an email to Bill@MotorcycleTraining.com with your answers (1-A, 2-C, etc)
  2. Provide a 5-star review at one of these two locations:

The winner will be drawn from a collection of winners and announced on Saturday, August 29, 2020.   We wish you luck!

1. In which country are KTM motorcycles manufactured?

A.       Antarctica

B.       Albania

C.       Armenia

D.      Austria

2. In what city was the company founded?

A.       Mattighofen

B.       Husaberg

C.       French Lick

D.      Blowhard

3. What are KTM’s offical team colors for racing?

A.       Black and Blue

B.       Black and Orange

C.       Black and Yellow

D.      Purple and Yellow

4. With what type of motorcycle racing is KTM mostly associated?

A.       Dirt Track Racing

B.       Motocross

C.       Superbike Racing

D.      Hill Climbing

5. Kraftahrzeuge is the first word of the KTM acronym; what does it mean?

A.       Motor vehicles

B.       Cheese Maker

C.       Basket Weaver

D.      Go Fast

6. Which motorcycle designation is from KTM’s lineup?

A.       Griso 8V SE

B.       DL1000

C.       1200 S Granturismo

D.      1190 RC8 R

7. In what year was KTM started by Hans Trunkenpolz?

A.      1901

B.      1903

C.       1946

D.      1934

8. Who was the first MotoGP rider to win on a KTM?

A.       Valentino Rossi

B.       Marc Marquez

C.       Brad Binder

D.      Pol Espargaro

9. What high end manufacturer of motorcycle suspension can be found on KTM motorcycles?

A.       White Power (WP)

B.       Ohlins

C.       Race Tech

D.      Progressive

10. What brand of motorcycle oil is used at the factory to prep all motorcycles?

A.       Motorex

B.       Castrol

C.       Bel-Ray

D.      Amsoil

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