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Round 3!

For your chance to win a Confident RiderCourse certificate ($139 value) perform the following two actions before 11:59pm on Friday, October 1, 2020:

  1. Send an email to Bill@MotorcycleTraining.com with your answers (1-A, 2-C, etc)
  2. Provide a 5-star review at one of these two locations:

The winner will be drawn from a collection of winners and announced on Saturday, October 2, 2020.   We wish you luck!

All questions pertain to motorycling in . . . AUSTRALIA.   Enjoy!

1. What Australian motorcycle racer was the last to win a MotoGP championship?

A.       Troy Corser

B.       Troy Bayliss

C.       Nicky Hayden

D.      Casey Stoner

2. On what type of motorcycle did Troy Bayliss win three World Superbike Championships?

A.       Honda

B.       Ducati

C.       Kawasaki

D.      Yamaha

3. How many motorcycle manufacturers currently exist in Australia?

A.       Four

B.       Zero

C.       Twenty

D.      Fifty

4. What was the most sold motorcycle brand in 2013?

A.       Harley Davidson

B.       Kawasaki

C.       Honda

D.      Piaggio

5. Which riding practice was recently legalized in Australia?

A.       Wheelies

B.       Burn outs

C.       Parking on a curb

D.      Lane Filtering

6. What motorcycle brand had a model ranked first in cruiser sales for 2013?

A.       Yamaha

B.       Victory

C.       Harley Davidson

D.      Ducati

7. What engine size ranked number one in sales for 2013?

A.       300cc

B.       500cc

C.       750cc

D.      1000cc

8. What marque is NOT Australian?

A.       Piaggio

B.       Barbarian v8 Motorcycles

C.       Hosstyle Cycles

D.      Irving Vincent Motorcycles

9. What route offers the most breathtaking riding in OZ?

A.       Great Ocean Road

B.       Himalayas

C.       Beartooth Pass

D.      Wawawai Snake River Loop

10. What internationally famous racetrack is located there?

A.       Brands Hatch

B.       Phillip Island

C.       Laguna Seca

D.      Silverstone

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