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TEAM Arizona Track Day Clinic


You love riding.  You want more from the experience, but the street doesn’t seem like a smart place to push riding faster in corners.  We agree, which is why we offer the easiest, most convenient way to improve your riding at REAL WORLD ROAD SPEEDS.

Class size is limited to just six riders with no more than a two riders to one coach.  Instruction is tailored to your riding level.

Think of this track day as a your opportunity to improve your riding in the perfect environment; a closed course.  Safety is our primary goal, but we won’t scrimp on the fun!


Feb 26, 2017 / Mar 4, 2017 (Wild Horse Pass)

Oct 22, 2017 / Oct 28, 2017 (Wild Horse Pass)

Dec 3, 2017 / Dec 10, 2017 (Arizona Motorsports Park)


Have you already attended Total Control Level 1 or our Advanced Riding Techniques Course?  Then this two day package will be just right for you!  It includes:

  • TEAM Arizona PREFERRED Track Day Training Package – 2 Day
    • Day 1: Suspension Setup and Track Day Preparations
      • The following topics and more will be addressed:
        • We will perform suspension sag measurements for EVERY participant and make adjustments (when possible)
        • Track Day FlagsWe will cover preparations for the day on the closed road close (track day), which include, but are not limited to:
          • Road course etiquette
          • Road course layout
          • Motorcycle preparation
          • Rider preparation
          • Track Day Schedule Overview
    • Day 2: Closed Road Course (Track Day) – AWESOME instructor to participant ratio
      • The following elements and more will be addressed:
        • Motorcycle Technical Inspection
        • Riders Meeting
        • Real-time, on-the-track layout review of key reference points
        • On-the-track lead/follows with instructors
        • On-the-track training with instructors
        • Free track time for personal improvement
      • Price: $349
    • NOTES:
      • Cruisers or touring motorcycles are not permitted for this training.  All other motorcycle owners are invited to register.
      • Protective gear required:  Full face helmet, leather motorcycle-specific gloves, motorcycle specific over-the-ankle boots, motorcycle-specific pants and jacket with body armor (back/knee/elbow protection).  Textile okay and must zip together.  Some leather suits may be available at no additional charge; sizes are limited however.
      • Must have taken either TEAM Arizona’s Advanced Riding Techniques Course or Total Control Level 1 to qualify.

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  1. Bill Soccorsy 9 months Reply

    I have taken the primary raining to get my liscense. It went well. I have purchased a Honda Rebel 250 cc now. I have risen 200 miles practice in my subdivision. I am ready for further training with my own bike. What training course should I sign up for now. Tks
    Bill Soccorsy
    Cell 480 789-9026
    E mIl is Billsoccorsy@aol. Com

    • Bill Seltzer 9 months Reply

      Hello Bill,

      Thank you for your comment. We commend you on your choice for a first motorcycle. The venerable Honda Rebel 250 has proven to be a great motorcycle for thousands of riders, if not hundreds of thousands. Kudos!

      The next course we could recommend would be our Confident RiderCourse. It is a 5.5 hour course and will focus on honing your low speed maneuvering, cornering, braking, and hazard avoidance skills. It is very similar to Day 2 of the Basic RiderCourse.

      Of course, private two-hour instruction may also be a great way to go. You’ll be able to work one-on-one directly with a RiderCoach on a range all to yourself. You choose what you want to improve. If you’d like to go in that direction, call our office and we’ll connect you with a RiderCoach. 480.998.9888

      Thanks again Bill for making contact. Please let us know how we can serve you better.