How much does it cost to get a motorcycle license in Arizona?

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To ride legally on roadways in Arizona WITHOUT restrictions, riders must get a motorcycle license (endorsement). Sometimes folks call it getting their motorcycle license, but technically it is an endorsement that gets added to an existing driver license. Gaining an endorsement is relatively inexpensive here in Arizona. Since you’re only getting an endorsement instead of a whole new license, the process is more streamlined for the state, and their costs can be kept down. As of March 2021, the cost to get a motorcycle endorsement is only seven dollars ($7).

The process to acquire that endorsement can be as easy and convenient as taking a Basic RiderCourse at TEAM Arizona. The alternative would require multiple appointments at Arizona Motor Vehicles Department where you’d have to provide your own motorcycle. Let’s take a deep dive to look at what the State of Arizona requires before receiving an endorsement.

Motorcycle License Test Arizona

Getting your motorcycle endorsement isn’t quite as simple as just paying your money and being done with it. There are other things you’ll have to do along the way as well. All riders who want to receive their motorcycle endorsement must successfully complete the following.

    1. Pass a Knowledge Exam – At TEAM Arizona, the knowledge exam is included in the Basic RiderCourse and includes one free retest if necessary.
      Acquiring a motorcycle endorsement on your own from Arizona MVD on your current Arizona Driver License means you’ll have to pass a written test based on information contained in the Motorcycle Operator Manual. A single application fee will allow you three attempts to pass the test within the next year (a 12-month period starting the day you pay your fee). Like the driver’s license exam itself, the motorcycle knowledge exam is available in both English and Spanish. Currently, due to Covid, testing is by appointment only and during limited hours.
    2. Pass a Riding Skills Test – At TEAM Arizona, the riding skills test is included in the Basic RiderCourse and includes one free retest if necessary.
      This part of the process involves a skills test on your own personal motorcycle. You’ll perform maneuvers on a tight, closed track off of the street to demonstrate your abilities. Keep in mind that these tests may occasionally be suspended to extreme weather that could create troublesome safety conditions, such as temperatures more than 105°F. Currently, due to Covid, testing is by appointment only and during extremely limited hours.
    3. Pass a Vision Exam – If you’ve been checking out a lot of our resources about motorcycle riding tips, you know how important vision is when you ride a motorcycle. That’s a big part of the reason you’ll have to pass an eye test before you receive your motorcycle endorsement in Arizona. Your eye test, like your driver’s license photo, will have to be updated every 12 years.
    4. Pay $7 – Successful completion of the Basic RiderCourse will earn you a course completion certificate that you will take to MVD, pay $7, and they’ll add the endorsement to your current Arizona driver license with that proof of course completion.

If you choose to go to Arizona MVD direct, you have to pay this small fee in order to get your motorcycle endorsement added to your Arizona driver’s license. This $7 fee is only to get the endorsement added to show that you’re licensed to operate a motorcycle. In other words, the rest of your normal driver’s license fees will also apply.
In the past, the endorsement would appear as an “M” for motorcycle endorsement on the back of the driver license. As of July 2020, Arizona MVD went to the “L” designation for the endorsement to bring the state into alignment with Federal standards.

Where Do I Go for the Knowledge Exam and Motorcycle Riding Skills Test in Arizona?

This will depend somewhat on the specific path you choose as you set out to receive your Arizona motorcycle endorsement. Most riders choose to attend an approved rider training organization because it is fun, safe, and convenient. In TEAM Arizona’s Basic RiderCourse, you’ll learn the fundamentals of motorcycle riding safety on school training motorcycles or scooters. Before taking the riding skills test you will have performed several exercises to prepare you for the specifically tested elements. Along the way, we’ll also provide the knowledge exam and riding skills test that you’ll need to get your motorcycle license. The school offers one free retest if a rider is unable to successfully pass either the written or riding test. The school also offers fee-based private training sessions which includes a retest if a rider desires.

Once you pass both the written evaluation and the riding test part of the course, you can take your completion card to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department (MVD). At this point, all you have to do is pass your vision exam and pay the $7 fee. Once you’ve done that, the Arizona MVD will be able to add the full motorcycle endorsement to your license. So why do people decide to take rider training?

Why Should I Use the Basic RiderCourse to Get My Motorcycle License?

There are many benefits to attending a state approved rider training organization like TEAM Arizona. For more than 30 years people have made the Basic RiderCourse a part of their motorcycling experience. Riders can earn their motorcycle license in a convenient, safe, and fun environment. We even provide the motorcycle, helmet, and gloves to help you manage upfront costs until you’re sure you want to commit to buying your own bike and all of the equipment and accessories that go with it. Since you’ll have so much support from some of the most experienced motorcycle riding coaches in the state, you can count on being guided through the entire process.

This is especially important if you’re learning to ride a motorcycle or scooter for the first time and want to get your license. Signing up for a rider training course is a great opportunity to get comfortable and confident on a bike before getting your license and buying a motorcycle or scooter.

The overall benefits when taking a motorcycle rider class are massive. For sure, using TEAM Arizona Motorcyclist Training Centers will do three things for you:

    1. TOTAL PACKAGE: Registering for a class ensures you’ll be guided through the entire process so you don’t miss any steps. Consider rider training an investment in your entire riding career. The entire process is laid out and included in the Basic RiderCourse which enables you to get your motorcycle endorsement in Arizona in as little as two or three days.
    2. SAFE ENVIRONMENT: TEAM Arizona meets all the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) guidelines to help you get extremely comfortable on the bike. Unlike learning how to ride from a friend or family member, the rider training sites are all cleared by the State of Arizona and MSF to ensure your safety. Being comfortable is key to helping you perform your best so you can develop the skills necessary to do well during your knowledge and riding skills tests.
    3. HASSLE-FREE: Avoid the lines and limited appointment process for testing at the MVD. Since the course includes all the testing and meets the state’s requirements for training, many people say the reduced stress from our one-stop-shop approach makes it worth it to enroll in TEAM Arizona’s Basic RiderCourse.

Really? No Testing at Arizona MVD?

That might sound too good to be true and a lot of our riders are surprised by it. Just to confirm, though, this is 100% correct– you won’t need to complete your riding test or written test at the MVD after our course if you possess a current driver license! All you’ll have to do at the MVD itself is pay the $7 application fee (as of 3/1/2021), complete your vision exam, and take care of all of the normal paperwork to get your endorsement.

There is even the possibility of taking your completion certificate from TEAM Arizona to an approved third-party licensing agent. You’ll want to verify with the third party before going to their location that they are capable of adding motorcycle endorsements to existing licenses.

You may be asking yourself, “How this is possible?” The Arizona Department of Transportation approves TEAM Arizona to offer the course, including the testing. When you pass the course, you meet all state requirements and are considered ready to start your riding adventures without any additional testing required from the MVD. Successful completion of the Basic RiderCourse provides you access to a motorcycle endorsement that allows you to ride without any restrictions whatsoever. Unlike with a permit, you’re able to just get out and ride whenever you want on any open roads!

Best Way to Get Arizona Motorcycle License and Reduce Insurance Costs

As another added benefit, taking TEAM Arizona’s Basic RiderCourse will help you access insurance discounts from most major insurance providers. We’ve heard reports that insurance discounts alone pay for the course in less than two years. Think about it…you save both time and money in the long run by taking the Basic RiderCourse while also dramatically increasing your confidence on two wheels. It is a win-win!

Our motorcycle riding coaches are giving courses almost constantly throughout the year, so don’t hesitate to start now.

To view course prices, check out a schedule of available courses in your area, and sign up for a Basic RiderCourse today, select the button below.

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  1. hi my name is cameron hustead and i live in washington state at the moment but i am moving to arizona october 21st and am looking to get my motorcycle endorsement. i have been riding/racing dirtbikes for the past 16 years and have been around motorcycles all my life, i know how to keep control of my dirtbike in any conditions from slippery mud to tons of traction perfect dirt and know how to work with traffic on track. i was wondering if it would be possible for me to go to the dmv and get my motorcycle endorsement without any specicfic classes because i am going back to school and dont quite have time to take the classes.

  2. Hello I’m inquiring the cost and timeframes of taking your recommended course. In near future I’m looking to purchase a motorcycle but its the full electric zero fxs bike to have endorsed on my current commercial license. Thanks in advance and consideration.

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